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Welcome to our website!


Amy Allan

Many of you have seen me, Amy Allan, on Travel Channel, TLC, Discovery Channel & more......

I am very happy to be getting back to my roots, my business, and being able to work with so many of you, in person! I look forward to our upcoming adventures!

I was born in Denver, Co and have lived mainly in CO, NY, AZ and CA, where I now reside with my husband Rob and our five cats and two doggies. (more to come I'm sure LMAO)

My background with being a Physical Medium started at the age of four and continued throughout my life. I was very lucky to have been tested by several Parapsychologists, Psychiatrists and Psychologists, who confirmed that I have some type of "other" abilities.

I have degrees in Psychology, Sociology, and Business; was mentored by DR William Roll in Parapsychology. I have areas of study in Western Massage, Zen Shiatsu, Thai Yoga and Acupuncture; where I encountered and learned about my secondary ability of Psychometry.

I am currently taking a Hypnotherapy Certification Program, that coincides with what my guides have been utilizing for the opening workshops for many years, and I am very excited to have a conscious understanding of it. Incorporating as many tools as possible into the ever evolving process of opening and helping others understand their abilities and how to best utilize them.

Within this business, I will be offering the one-on-one mentorship programs, guiding the workshops (all levels), and guiding the Paranormal Weekends. I will also be head of the Home Buying and Selling Service. On limited availability for now, and only in CA., I will be available for Healing Bodywork services too.

I want to introduce two amazing woman who will be working with me & you on our journeys together!

Jenn Bell & Amy Bemmes!

OK, then, let the fun begin.....

Jenn Bell

Welcome, I'm Jenn or Jenni, I grew up in Minnesota on a Hobby Farm. At the age of eight, after the passing of my grandmother; I began to have paranormal experiences that were mediumistic in nature. I moved to Arizona in 1998, where I attended school and continued working with my abilities. I then met Amy Allan while we were both doing an investigation of the Santa Clarita Hotel. Amy asked me if I wanted to begin an investigation unit in Tucson, AZ, we then teamed up and created Lost Souls, P.I. in 1999. I then went to school for Parapsychology and completed the semester class. I was tested by two of the same Parapsychologists as Amy, including Dr. Roll, specifically the Wyrick Case in Georgia and many in Tucson & Bisbee, AZ. I was then, later, tested by Amy, after she created the Opening Workshops. In 2000, I returned to Minnesota at the age of 20; where shortly after I met and married my husband Martin and had two children. After the birth of my daughter, I became a CNA, and worked at nursing homes with the elderly, as they hold a special place in my heart. I found I could utilize my mediumship skills at the same time as providing care, which is when I became aware of my innate healing abilities and was able to assist with their transitions. I am happy to be returning to this field, my passion, after working in the corporate/government arena for the last six years. I look forward to assisting you with your journeys of discovery, providing earthen goods for you and your homes, and so much more...


I am currently the head of The Opening Workshops, and all that falls under it for Amy Allan, LLC. I Coordinate all of the Workshops and help guide them with Amy Allan.  I will be your first point of contact for The Opening Workshops. I help Amy Bemmes with Home Cleansing's, insofaras organizing, implementing and procuring the best teams to assist you with this services; so that we can help you resolve and/or continue to have peace in your life. I am also a sensitive/Walker for our Paranormal Investigations.

;) Jenni

Amy Bemmes

Hello! I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Amy Bemmes. I was born and raised in Ohio, where I currently reside with my husband of 14 years and our daughter.


The paranormal has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. I’ve had paranormal & psychical experiences since I was a child. Those experiences left quite an impact & has led me on the path I am on now. I will be starting my journey of opening via the opening workshops that are offered here. I am looking forward to that process, as well as seeing what types of abilities I may have. I am excited to implement those abilities in other areas of the business to be of service to you in those areas as well.

I am currently the head of the Paranormal Unit here and all that falls under it for Amy Allan, LLC. I am the Coordinator for all Paranormal Investigations (both large & small scale) as well as: Paranormal Interviews, Amy's Paranormal Weekends, and Home Cleansings. I will be your point of first contact for these services and will organizing, implementing, and procuring the best teams to assist you with these services, so that we can help you resolve and/or continue to have peace in your life.

I’m currently working on my Advanced Academic Parapsychology Program at The Rhine Education Center, studying all facets of Parapsychology. I want to better understand paranormal experiences, and be properly trained & equipped to help others. I am thankful to have Amy as a mentor in this area as well.

I am also a Senior Advisory Board member for the world’s only Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & the Occult- which is curated by my friends’ Greg & Dana Newkirk. As a member of the advisory board, I help with the future development of the museum. The museum conducts experiments with the museum's haunted objects to better understand the type of haunting taking place with each individual object. With extended research and experiments, we develop theories and tools to better understand the objects and push paranormal investigation into the future. 


I'm very excited to be on this journey with Amy and Jenn. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you.


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