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Amys Jewelry 

When I create a piece of Jewelry, I let my guides assist in picking stones & combinations to promote the best aspects of each gem/mineral/stone, whither it be healing, cleansing, protection, happiness, etc., or a combination thereof.  I know that each piece belongs to someone in need already and it awaits their selection.

Since, I have only ever sold my work at events, I am VERY excited to finally get them to you, as many of you have asked over the years to have access to them.


I will now place 10% of all proceeds aside for donation to animal welfare. I want to continue that, as all proceeds from event sales went directly to these organizations in the past.


I will have several pre-made pieces here for purchase. 


I will also now be taking personal orders. This means that if you want a piece that is created for you specifically or a friend, loved one, etc., I and my guides will now be able to do this.


The process is this: You can request a piece, starting price is 150; I will then have you send me a picture of the person it is for. I will then meditate & create a piece. I will then send you a picture of the outlined piece, with the estimated total price. My prices as you will see via the pre-made items can be anywhere from 25-300$, this will be on top of the 150$ flat fee, which is non-refundable, as I will be dedicating time to meditation & creation.

For each piece the turn around time will be 30days.


As for order time, I will only be taking a limited amount of orders, as I do Hand make each item and can only do so much.

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