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Private Home Investigations

If you would like to set up an investigation please read the following method, this is what will take place;

Private Home Investigations Method for a Possible Haunting


The Coordinator of the investigation after interviewing the possible clients will make the decision on if the case needs a full investigation. Once that has been decided, they would employ three sensitives, one monitor and a technician. Only six individuals would work on the initial physical investigation, as it is a smaller structure

The Coordinator would not inform the sensitives, monitor nor the technician where the investigation would be performed. The Coordinator would give notice of two weeks, in which time the sensitives are to keep a log of any TV shows, movies, books, magazine articles, dreams, visions and the like they encounter during this two week time frame. The sensitives would also be told , as far as drug and/or alcohol/and/ or any mind altering substances, to not change in any manner whether it be more and/or less the intake they are currently consuming. The coordinator would also make note of the time of year and any upcoming, just passed, or current holidays, for note in that investigation log. 

On the day of the investigation, the technician would be notified to meet the Coordinator at a specified location NOT the actual investigation location, at the time the Coordinator and technician meet, they would go to the investigation location. The technician at this time would take preliminary baseline readings with an EMF, Radio frequency device, and compass, taking care to incorporate the five point reads with the EMF.

At this time the Coordinator would meet with the family, witnesses/individuals in one room. 

At this time the Coordinator will discuss clearly with the individuals what is going to be taking place at the home, this includes discussing in detail the method, the interviews that will be necessary with the individuals the next morning and the questioners that they will be filling out the next morning, specifically the PSI childhood and adult, as well as taking a Psychological assessment test. 

Once the technician and the Coordinator are done, the Coordinator will call the monitor and tell the monitor to pick up the sensitives and to drive to the location. During this time no discussion may take place during the travel time between the sensitives.


Once the sensitives and monitor arrive at the location, all individuals at the location should be gone and or in an area as to not come into direct contact with the sensitives, this should be the pattern throughout the time of the investigation. 

The sensitives will, with the monitor, be taken to a location that has been agreed upon by the Coordinator and Clients before their arrival, such as one room in the home, out back, or they may even be sequestered in the car. 

At this time the monitor, by use of a random process, such as placing the three sensitives names in a bag and pulling one out, will pick in such random order the first sensitive, this sensitive joined by Coordinator and technician will then, out of ear shot of any other sensitive begin their walk through. 

During the walk through period, the monitor remains with the other two sensitives, making sure that no communication transpires between them, and re-enforcing the use of cross word puzzles to eliminate the possibility of Telepathy. 

The walk through consists of the Coordinator, who will act as the videographer and interviewer, the technician who will be doing the five point midline reads and the sensitive verbalizing any and all impressions, visions, etc..., to the Coordinator. 

This is repeated as per above for each sensitive. 

At the end of the walks the technician will do a final base read of the five points and will establish and set up all equipment, this includes, but is not limited to: EMF, motion detector, video camera with night vision, compass, radio frequency device, audio recording devices, in the location where the sensitives will be retiring for the night. Once this has been completed the technician may go home for the evening, as well as the monitor, as the Coordinator will act as monitor, technician etc., throughout the night. 

The Coordinator and the sensitives will stay in the same room. All instruments will be set up in that room. 

The next morning at a pre-determined time the technician will arrive and dismantle and collect all instruments and data, as well as act as monitor.


The Coordinator will take the sensitives and place them in three separate spaces, where the Coordinator will then to do a debriefing of any dreams etc., which said sensitive received during the course of the night, this will be done on video and audio device.


Once this has been completed, the individuals, family/witnesses will be notified and all will convene in one location to do a debriefing which is videotaped and audio recorded.


The debriefing is as follows. The sensitives one at a time disclose what they got on their walks, the technician discloses what preliminary idea the technician has developed from the reads and the Coordinator then adds what the coordinator feels is pertinent at that time. Once this is done, the sensitives may vacate the location and return to their homes.


The Coordinator and technician then meet with the family, witnesses and individuals to perform interviews and fill out the questionnaires.


Once this is done a walk of the grounds and visual acknowledgement of the location of the structure will be done, to take in account any power lines etc., which may be in close proximity of the location.


At this time a two week period for follow up with the family is established.The Coordinator will do an historical search. All materials are collected and placed in an envelope with all other information for analysis. 

Once this has been completed, the Coordinator will go over all the findings with the Clients,  a coarse of action, if necessary, will be outlined and given to the Clients.


Copyright, 99' A. Allan-Radovanovic, S. Hartmann, J.O'Mailly, Copyright, 02' A. Allan-Radovanovic, P. Robinson, J. O'Mailly, Copyright, 04' A.Allan, Copyright, 2/05, A.Allan (special contributors, Dr.W.Roll 99', o4',T. Nuss 99')


A retainer will be collected at the time the case is selected and slated to move forward. This will be after the client and coordinator have spoken & the Booking Option will be opened online for the retainer.

Example of out of town, vs, local retainer: 

In Town EST, 500

Out of Town EST, 1000

Deductions will be made and a final bill tallied at the end of the investigation.

Travel Costs: Such as, Airline, Rental Vehicle, Etc.., For All Parties to be provided, if needed.

Room/Board, Provided if necessary.

Each Sensitive is to be paid minimum wage (averaged across three states): 9.50, per hour for a total of seven clock hours per day, including travel days.

This Applies to the Coordinator, who will be paid the same rate, 9.50 for each clock(d) hour(s), until the end of the investigation. These Hours will be invoiced separately at the conclusion of said investigation.

The Monitor and Technician will be paid in the same manner as the Sensitives.

 PLEASE DO NOT DISCUSS ANYTHING IN THIS EMAIL, Only place a request for consult. 

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