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Amy Allan’s:

A weekend with the paranormal 

Coming Soon………

To An Unknown Haunted Location Near You………


Includes three In Depth and Interactive Educational Lectures, that are geared towards:

  1. Investigative Methodologies

  2. A-Z Abilities & You

  3. One Special Lecture Provided by the Leaders of Parapsychological Research.


A full Sensitive investigation, based on a method created by one of the leaders in Parapsychological Research; and a complete debriefing the next morning.

Includes: 2/3 nights Bed/Room, Transportation to & from Airport, 1 Dinner, 1 Lunch, 1 Breakfast, 1 Disposable Camera & All Lectures 

Does not include: R/T airfare & Approximately 5 meals


There are only 12 slots for each weekend! Tucson, AZ, Completed, 2019



*Upcoming Paranormal Weekend: TBD!!!!!

Example Itinerary: 

Day 1

ALL Must be at the airport:

Travel to Location (Included)(this will be designed to emulate how Amy arrives at a location)

Dinner: 530PM-700PM (Included)

Day 2

11-1: Introduction & Chat

1:15-2:45: Lunch (Included)

2:45-4:45: Lecture 1&2: EVP's Collection & Analysis, in the field (Amy A) with possible PK influence (Amy B). (Interactive) (Included)

4:45 (OFF) Dinner (On Own)

7-9:30: Investigation (Utilizing a Very specific method) (Interactive) (Included)

9:30 ON OWN: Investigation (On Own)

Day 3

11-12: Check In Chat 

Lecture 3: (TBA for Nevada) (Included) John Kruth, Executive Director Of the Rhine Research Center

1:45-3:15: Lunch (On Own)

3:15-4:15: Group Discussion, Photos In the Paranormal Community (Included)

4:15 (OFF) Dinner (On Own)

6:30-8:30: Investigation (Utilizing a Very specific method) (Interactive) (Included)

8:30: ?: Investigation (On Own)

Day 4

11-2: Debriefing & Breakfast (Included)

2: Caravan to Airport;) (Included)

*Flight out, should be no earlier than

Cost: TBA, Book Here: 12 Slots 

Payment Plans Available, see options in booking section.

Includes: 2/3 nights Bed/Room, Transportation to/from location, 3 meals, all lectures & investigation

Does Not Include: R/T airfare to: State & 5 meals

Daily schedule could change*

We reserve the right to refuse service at any time*

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