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One-On-One Mentoring


Bringing the Opening Workshop to you!


Though, I love it when people take the workshop in a group setting (12 max), because friendships form and you can bond with others who are going through the process too. I understand that for varies reasons some individuals may not be able to do this.


Because I know how that can be; I wanted to offer this service to those who desire to take the workshops, but cant do them in the settings offered. For now this service will Only be available in CA, where I am currently located. This is because we will be working face to face, as well as via FaceTime/Eco, but the majority of the meetings are in person at my office or at your CA home.


As with the Workshop series there are three levels, this is the same within the one-on-one mentorship. 


The Opening Workshop: One-On-One

*There will only be 4 openings per Year for this service.


The first step: A FaceTime or Echo Show meeting will take place, this will be a 15min interview, to see if this is right for us. (Free)

Once that is done & we feel that this is the right fit, we will set up a 1.5hr FaceTime or Echo Show discussion.


One week later we will either met in person at my office in the LA, CA area, or meeting at your location in the CA area.(special circumstances only), for a 2hr workshop. This will be the beginning of the workshop.


There will be five more meetings, once per week, following the initial two meetings above. They will range in time from 2-4hrs, depending. 


Cost: 4,500.00 (current best estimate at this time, could fluctuate depending on Office space and/or home location)


Discovering your Hidden Talents: One-on-One


(If the first portion of the workshop is completed and we feel that you want to/can move onto the 2nd portion of the workshop)


This will entail not only one-on-one meetings, in person at my office in the LA,CA area or at your home, in the LA,CA area, but also E-mails & Phone calls, at reasonable times/amounts throughout.

The meetings as described above, will meet once per week, for 2hrs, for 12 meetings.




Application of Talents: This portion can only be done in a group setting (4 Max).

Please see this area in the Workshop Overview, under the description of the Workshops.

We will ensure your privacy with NDA contracts, etc., if this is of concern.

Cost will be the same as listed on Overview section for this portion of workshop.

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